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The Alice Springs Running and Walking Club has been active since 1979, promoting and encouraging running and walking as both a competitive sport and for recreational enjoyment and fitness.

Our event calendar caters for all levels of fitness and ability, from the short distance fun runs and walks, to the classic race events such as the 10 km Series, the Half Marathon a Marathon and the new West Macs Monster ultra.

A major contributor to the success of our club is our coordination of the Road & Cross Country events for the Alice Springs Masters Games. The Masters Games are held every second year, the next event being held this year, 2018.

Life Members

The ASRWC recognises Club Members that have made a long-term and siginficant contribution to the Club with the honour of Life Membership.

ASRWC Life Members, and years awarded are:

Noel Harris (by 1990)
Bev Camp (by 1992)
Marion Camp (by 1992)
Jenny Kennedy (Richter) (by 1995)
Vivienne Lunsmann (by 1997)
Loie Sharp (by 2005)
Jose Petrick (by 2005)
Terry Bell (by 2005)
Greg Reval (2007)
Jo-Anne Pulsford (26 Jan 2008)
Ian Richter (26 Jan 2008)
Debbie Page (26 May 2013)
Judith Dixon (3 December 2016)
John Birmingham (January 2020)

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